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Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen

Sorry Robert Baratheon

Damn it all to hell I ship them so hard now!  My own ship just blew a hole in the one pair I love to compare Gendry and Arya too…wtf!  I can’t even explain why I ship them REALLY REALLY hard now, but I just got to thinking about them and their story and bam, I was in tears.  I always said that Gendry/Arya was Lyanna/Robert reincarnated, but fuck my life if that’s gone now!!!!  Fuck you GRRM for ever making me feel anything!  I was fine until you had to go and write those books!!!!!!!!! Why????????



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Been thinking

So i got to thinking. GRRM has some input in to every episode. He is even writing next weeks episode (I read), so that means he was okay with the Gendry storyline and even wrote it for next weeks show. This could mean several things but the top two in my mind are as follows.
1. This was always going to be Gendry’s fate…in the books not yet written. he will be the one to forge the Lightbringer. Gendry is a much bigger role in GOT than we as fans could imagine. GRRM knows all and if he thought it would disrupt the flow of the books he would have axed it.
2. This thought worries me the most…Gendry was never anything more than a sidekick to fill Arya’s time, therefore he is expendable. I don’t think this is possible because too much was invested in their story.

I have several more theories but those two are tops. What do y’all think?

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So, I’ve been thinking.  As far as I know Edric Storm is not in the show right?  Could it be possible that Gendry will fill Edric’s shoes, and if he does, is it possible that Arya and Gendry will find each other again?  Remember where Edric is sent…to the free cities.  If they really will be using Gendry to fill that story line, could it be possible that Gendry will get shipped to the Free Cities, and if that happens, we all know who will be waiting there for him…just a thought! 

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Fuck you GRRM!!!!!  Fuck you!!!!!!!  Y’all I can’t do it!  I can’t handle GOT this season.  It only gets “wrist cutting” depressing from here on out!  There’s a dagger in my heart the size of Needle! Gendry…Arya…my poor babies! 

crying gif photo: Buffy Has a Good Cry 11-11.gif

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Brotherhood without banners go fuck yourself! GOT season three is going to kill me. :/

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Here is a video someone did in honor of Not Today!!  It’s really good.  So if you are a fan of my fic Not Today you should check it out!!

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Thought I would try making Arya and Gendry the way I see them in my story Not Today. 

Thought I would try making Arya and Gendry the way I see them in my story Not Today. 

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Gendrya feels again people!!  This song has been a favorite of mine for years and it talks of a two people who are too afraid to admit their feelings.  It speaks of Gendry and Arya!!!  The lyrics are here:

You are what they call the human season
You are all the alphabet in one
You are every colour of confusion
You are all the silence I’ve become

Love me for
Stupid reasons
I like those most

Wide-eyed but
Worth believing
God knows

Damn the angry voice that keeps us quiet
The editor whose work is never done
Keeping pretty words between my teeth and
Sweet confessions underneath my tongue

Lonely contemplation
Do I let you in

This is my invitation
But how do I begin?

She has such an awful lot of soldiers
Quite a lovely army all her own
Night and day they stand before the fortress
Very safe but very all alone

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Just watched Joe Dempsie in The Edge

He was all like:

and I was all like:

I can’t, I just can’t!!  My love for him just went nuclear!!!!

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"Well, you can’t get them out, no more’n you could save Lommy." Gendry turned the breastplate with the tongs to look at it closely. "And if we did escape, where would we go?"

"Winterfell," she said at once. I’d tell Mother how you helped me, and you could stay-

Would m’lady permit? Could I shoe your horses for you, and make swords for you lordly brothers?

Sometimes he made her so angry. “You stop that!”

"Why should I wager my feet for the chance to sweat in Winterfell in place of Harrenhal? You know old Bed Backthumb? he came here as a boy. Smithed for Lady Whent and her father before her and his father before him, and even for Lord Lothston who held harrenhall before the Whents. Now he smiths for Lord Tywin, and you kwo what he says? A sword’s a sword, a helm’s a helm, and if you reach in the fire you get burned no matter who you’re serving. Lucan’s a fare enough master. I’ll stay here."


A Clash of the Kings- Arya and Gendry

#I reread this today and something struck me, though it might just be my fangirlish mind #but lets say Arya said something like this, #”Winterfell.  We will go as equals.”  #Would Gendry have agreed? #Would he not have snapped at her like he did?  #To me, it seems as if he wants her to see him as an equal, #even from the beginning #and because she doesn’t seem to,#he gets angry.  #If he wasn’t interested in leaving with her in the first place, #he would have never asked where they would go!!  #Could there story have been different if she would have answered differently?  #Because now, the differences is all he can see.

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Reblog if you are reflecting as well…

I would like to take this hour before the season finale of Game of Thrones to reflect on how perfect Gendry’s abs were this season!!  Thank you Joe Dempsie for all of your hard work!!

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Another Gendry/Arya song!!  I’m so drowning in this ship and every song I hear I find Gendrya parallels!!  I HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS!!

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