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Anonymous asked: Will you be finishing/updating the "Truth, Lies and Death" story? It is such a well-written and lovely story!


Yes. I’m going to try and resume the story very soon. I hate leaving stories unfinished and I don’t plan on leaving this one unfinished, so I’m hoping to pick it back up in the near future!

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The Choice: Chapter 11


Summary: The choice between love and duty, the heart and the head. It is just a choice, yet there is no such thing as an easy choice, for some choices are a matter of life and death.

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I’m backkkkkkkk!!!!! :)))

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Anonymous asked: hey, are you going to finish The Choice??? Cause I love that story and not knowing the end would kill me


Sigh…I know I’ve been horrible at updating. I’m so sorry! Yes the story will be finished and updated soon! That’s a promise.

— 11 months ago

If you could bring anybody back, who would it be? (x)

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Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis Read ‘50 Shades of Grey’ (by JN JG)


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Today, in my home town, it’s National #ArmedForcesDay. Show your support by showing your colours #Nottingham. [x]

Today, in my home town, it’s National #ArmedForcesDay. Show your support by showing your colours #Nottingham. [x]

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calisi87 asked: Soooo....when can we expect the next chapter for the choice?


I will be working on it the next two days.  :/  my life has been one roller coaster lately and it has interfered with me writing the story.  My apologies and I promise it will be out very very soon!!!

— 1 year ago
The Red Wedding

I highly recommend getting on Youtube and watching people’s reaction to the Red Wedding.  It is highly entertaining!!!


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matutyne asked: I finished "Not Today" yesterday and I have to admit I'm not quite over it. My thoughts would involuntarily wander into your story of Gendry and Arya. Now I'm just craving for more! Can I just say.. great job! :)


Thank you so much. I’m glad you loved it. It was fun writing it and creating my own spin on a great story. In my heart of hearts those two belong together. Lets just hope GRR Martin feels the same way!!

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Just finished reading all your Gendrya fics. They're so perfect. I've never been happier.


Aww thank you. I’m glad you like them. I’m not finished with The Choice so stick around for more chapters to that story.

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